Italian Monkey Bread

recipe: Italian Monkey Bread

Today I have a fun little recipe for you. Crazy as it sounds I must be the only person who did not grow up with monkey bread. The first time I ever made it was when I created a Cake Batter Monkey Bread recipe for Pillsbury. I started experimenting and came up with a cheesy garlicky version that is a fun way to serve bread with an Italian meal.

Kids will be happy to help you roll the balls of dough into the melted garlic butter and into the herbed Parmesan cheese. You can create individual dishes or place in one dish. Serve a little marinara sauce as a dipping sauce.



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  1. Mary says

    The ingredients are in yellow type that does not show up.  I can’t tell what any of them are.  Why not put them in black so people can read it?

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