13 DIY Pumpkins For Your Home

13 DIY Pumpkins yarn and bird

Have you ever tried to find a pumpkin before October 1? Well, let me tell you it is hard to find. I had the fun assignment of creating 13 pumpkins for Betty Crocker. I stepped out of the kitchen and into the craft room. The orange yarn and black bird silhouette are two of my favorites and sitting in my living room.

13 diy pumpkin topiary


I recruited a little help to create these 13 Pumpkins. My aunt Donna helped me by creating these two beautiful floral displays.

13 diy pumpkin daisies















I love these daisy and mumm covered pumpkins!

This Black and White White has a decoupaged hat and polka dot scarf.

13 diy pumpkin witch
















For the little princess in your life, create a fairy tale carriage.

13 DIY pumpkin fairy tale carriage

















I’ll share a few more tomorrow. You can see them all here.


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  1. says

    Adorable! I’m in love with the black bird silhouette pumpkin – very “The Raven.” How’d you do the scrip on the background? It looks so time consuming!

  2. says

    Hi Sara, I used modge podge to adhere sheets of scrapbook paper to a white pumpkin. Then I used my Silhouette to print out the bird and again applied with modge podge. It was pretty easy and became one of my favorites too!

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